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Frontend problem after car rental system update

Good evening.

After car rental system update to 5.0.2 my front end is damaged.

Here is a sample of "our cars" page to see it.



Hello Kroustos,

Have you updated also theme and bundled plugins?

If so, and you still have problems, please navigate to theme options and save them.

If you still have problems, de activate the theme, reactivate it and again save theme options.




Thanks for your reply.

Idid all that but still the same


Hello Kroustos,

Please navigate to Car rental system global settings, and save options.

If you still have problems, please open a ticket with access credentials to verify it.


I have also problem with the last step of booking https://imgur.com/M8m4WTL after the new update

Hello Alex,

Please try to open a new topic when you like to post at forum, instead of posting at another.

You can probably solve your problem by saving theme options. Maybe you will also need to clear you browser cache.