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Add custom text in the booking proccess page


Is there a way to add text in the page that the visitor is selecting the extras (after the date and car selection pages)?
I want to add a text for what the price includes.

Hello Stratos,

Yes, but it must be done over theme files. you will need to copy the following files into your child theme:

  • wp-content/themes/wp-car-rental/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/template.Step3BookingOptionsList.php
  • wp-content/themes/wp-car-rental/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/partial.Step3.EnhancedEcommerce.php
  • wp-content/themes/wp-car-rental/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/partial.LocationsSummaryComplex.php
  • wp-content/themes/wp-car-rental/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/partial.LocationsSummarySimple.php

Finally you can add your text at wp-content/themes/wp-car-rental-child/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/template.Step3BookingOptionsList.php

If you need it to be translatable, you can add add it on translation files and use it like other lang strings are used on that file.


Thank you.

It worked like a charm

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