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“Change Car“ don't really change the car

Hi, when I choose a car and make a booking, if I decide to “change the car“, the top part of the page don't change. It still on the first car I choose. So the client does not know if his change is really ok, because he's still see the first car he choose. (Picture can explain better than my poor English).

Hello v.kleinhans,

To solve your issue, you need to redirect to booking process page when searching from a single car. To do this, please edit the car page, and change the "action_page" attribute to the id for your booking process page.


I don't really like changing cars, but I have to do it. If we don't change the car, then there won't be any car for me to drive and that's not something I want. I think if you don't change the car, then you will have to pay more money because your insurance will be higher because of this incident. I also urge you read https://packagingrevolution.net/ideas-for-turning-old-pallets-into-dorm-decorations/ article for getting good ideas about dooms decorations. So, by changing the car, you are saving money and also making sure that there will be no accidents because of this incident.

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