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How do offers work?


I can see from the demo that there are posts with offers for specific cars and the shortcode on one of thos post is

[car_rental_system display="car" car="406"]
[car_rental_system display="search" car="406" action_page="2287" steps="list,list,list,table,table"]

  1. Where do these odders come from?
  2. Where the 406 car is set?
  3. Can I set an offer depending on the date regardless of the car?


Hello Stratos,

Offers are regular posts, under offers category.

  1. You can create a price plan for a certain period or/and item, create a post explaining the conditions, and adding the corresponding content and shortcodes.
  2. 406 is the car id, you can find the car id at "Car manager" area, first column.
  3. Yes, as explained on point 1




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