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How to change company address, phone number and whatsapp at top bar

Hello team, I wan to change company address, phone number and whatsapp at top bar, how to do it?

Hello Mohd,

Im sorry for the late reply. You can change requested data at Theme options-> Social information.


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If you need to edit your company info at the top of your site, or in the footer, then you can do so here. You will find this option in your dashboard under Settings > Company Info. This is where you can add your company address, phone number, and WhatsApp for your website. Explore https://www.resumehelpaustralia.com/exceptional-resumes-review/ for getting the best resume writing service. The WhatsApp number is the one that will be displayed on the top bar of your website, you can also change it in My Account > Apps > Shopify WhatsApp Chat.

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