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Moving the Currency Code to the left instead of the right



Currently, the 'currency code' on the car pages displays on the right E.G. 21 GBP. We want to display a £ sign instead of the currency code and move it to the left so £21. Is there a way to do this?



Yes, you have this option at Car rental system -> Settings -> Price tab


Thanks for your response.

We have already set the currency symbol to appear on the left, and it's working correctly for every other page except the individual car pages. These are displaying the symbol on the right. It seems like they are doing that because it's meant to be "21 GBP", so when I replace the GBP with a £ in the settings it's just putting it at the end like 21 £. I've' attached some screenshots to show you what I mean.





I see, for some reason car rental system plugin is not aplying the selected currency format on that page. To be able to modify this, you would need to copy the following files into the child theme with the same directories structure:

  • wp-content/themes/wp-car-rental/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/partial.SingleItem.EnhancedEcommerce.php
  • wp-content/themes/wp-car-rental/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/template.SingleItem.php

Then edit file template.SingleItem.php, and on line 94, change:

<?php print( $item['unit_long_without_fraction_print']['discounted_total_dynamic'] ); ?>


<?php print( $item['unit_per_period_tiny_print']['discounted_total_dynamic'] ); ?>

or if you dont want to show decimals, change it for:

<?php print( $item['unit_per_period_tiny_without_fraction_print']['discounted_total_dynamic'] ); ?>

Hope it helps

Great, this worked! Thank you!

Can you help me with 2 more things?

In the below screenshot you can see the code you gave me above worked for the daily price. But the Deposit still has the £ on the right, it should say £250, not 250 £. How can I fix this? I'm thinking it has something to do with the same file template.SingleItem.php.


Also on that same screenshot, I want to change "Deposit" to say "Security Deposit". Where can I update it to say that?

Thanks for your help and time it's greatly appreciated.



Managed to fix the deposit £ sign issue myself with part of the same code you gave me! Still need help with changing deposit to say security deposit though!

But on our cars list page, the £ sign is still on the right side instead of left.


Hello, Yes, you can change any plugin text by editing its language files. Language files are located at: wp-content/plugins/NativeRentalSystem/Extensions/CarRental/Languages. In that folder you will find all languages with its translations.

Hope it helps.

Hi there,

I'm still having the issue where the currency signs are appearing on the right instead of the left where the currency code is meant to be. Please see the screenshot below:


If you need, we can send you a PM or email with our website URL if that would help you identify the problem?



To change the format, you have to do it like you did it with single item page. In this case, you need to copy the following files into the child theme:


Then, you need to modify the file partial.Step2.SingleItem.php and change:

Line 131 change:

<?php print( $item['unit_long_print']['discounted_total_dynamic'] ); ?>


<?php print( $item['unit_print']['discounted_total_dynamic'] ); ?>

and same for line 134.

Hope ti helps!


Great! This worked thank you. Just one more issue to solve now.

After you select what car you want to rent and click next you come to the 'Reservation Details' page. This still has the currency symbols in the wrong place (see screenshot below)


Can you let me know which .php file needs to be updated to fix this?