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WPML - how to translate plugin strings



I will ask here, not to start a new thread for the translating question.

I translated everything, but only thing that is not appearing as I translated is payment method "Pay at Pick-Up" (that is displayed at last booking process step), even when every string in WPML string translation page that is named as that is translated to different language.



Also, on booking process page, at place where is info about pickup and return information, address field is displayed in default language even when it has been translated manually.

Please have in mind that we had custom work about addresses and payment method(s).

Hi, Is there any other option to translate the strings of the theme (not plugin CRS) without WPML? I need to put each language version on separate subdomains of the main website.

Thank you!

Hello people,
Sorry for the late replay.
@mario, If you had custom works, problem can be starting there. If we did this custom works, please contact us by email or open a ticket.
@stoicamarius.mail, yes, you can use wordpress Multisite for this.


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