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Wp Car Rental Theme has been developed to be used with Car Rental System for booking system, to be purchased separately at codecanyon. Alternatively it can be used based on contact form 7 plugin, without booking system, for booking request.

Last update: Ago 2nd 2019
Wordpress compatibility: 5.2.x / 5.1 / 5.0 / 4.9.x / 4.8.x

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Wp Car Rental Theme has been developed to be used with Car Rental System for booking system, to be purchased separatly at codecanyon. Alternatively it can be used based on contact form 7 plugin, without booking system, for booking request.

Combine Car Rental Theme and Car Rental system options to reach your desired design and booking mode with in minutes.

Main Features

  • Style wizard: select theme and CRS colors, logos and typography in seconds
  • Full customizable
  • Backend calendar view for CRS
  • Predictive search on/off for CRS selectors
  • Filters on/off for CRS items list and search results
  • CRS improvements
  • Visual composer elements
  • Widgets
  • Bootstrap
  • WPML Ready
  • SEO ready

Plugin integrations

  • Car Rental System
  • Visual Composer
  • One click Import
  • WPML

Style wizard

As theme options has over 400 “options”, we simplified intial setup by adding the following wizard features:

  • Color Scheme
  • Typography
  • Logos
  • Links colors

Every option can be modified independently after wizard.

Backend calendar view for Car Rental System Plugin

WP Rentals Theme offers an exclusive backend calendar view for Car Rental System Plugin with the following features:

  • Search by date and filters
  • Search by booking code
  • Link to direct booking edition
  • Link to booking details
  • Add non-booked items, to include available ones on results
  • Add a fast note to the booking, just by typing it
  • Dragable content with top bar dates and items fixed on top and side, to be able to always know where you are
  • Booking information
  • Responsive

*Car Rental System Plugin


  • One license for one single end product
  • 6 month Support
  • Lifetime updates

Included plugins

  • WpBakery builder
  • WP Car Rental Calendar
  • WP Car Rental Add-ons
  • CRS improvements

Change log


Updated on Ago 2nd, 2019

Bug fixes for Car rental system

. Fixed bug on native date picker for devices while using minified files, still in experimental phase.


Updated on Jul 30th, 2019

General Improvements

. Added header mode option to select between under and overlapping at single page options.
. Added custom header and menu style for overlapping header.
. Added background slider options at WPBakery row settings.
. Home page form options has been deprecated, and it will be removed on future versions. Use new options at theme options and single page instead.
. Posts at blog will now show a max of 25 words if there is no excerpt.
. Added optional masonry grid option for blog posts.

Improvements for Car rental system

. Added optional masonry grid option for search results and items list.

Bug fixes for Car rental system

. Fixed bug on native date picker for devices, still in experimental phase.
. Calendar shortcut was not showing at “Rental management” dashboard widget.
. Other small bug fixes

Updated plugins

. Wp Bakery plugin to latest version
. Wp Car rental Add-ons plugin
. Demo content to fit new version


Updated on May 29th, 2019

General Improvements


Improvements for Car rental system

.Added option to use native date picker on mobile devices (experimental).
.Mobile style on extras step of booking process.

General Bug fixes

.Custom content on top bar was not displayed since version 3.6.1.

Bug fixes for Car rental system

.UA Enhanced Ecommerce, data was not printed on search results if items are classified.
.Last period on items price list was not displayed properly.

Updated plugins

.CRS 5.0 improvements
.WP Car Rental Addons
.WPBakery to latest version


Updated on April 19th, 2019

General Improvements

.Added new element to wpbakery to be able to add the contact form 7 width date/time picker at any page or post on the site, with css animation.
.Updated demo content.
.Re added option to add text inside the home form.

Updated plugins

.WP Car Rental Add-ons


Updated on April 18th, 2019

General Improvements

.Improved custom elements for wpbakery and added new options as css animation.
.Sub menus of mobile menu are now collapsible.
.Top bar company information is now sortable.
.Added new option to set social networks colors for top bar and widgets independently.
.General CSS improvements
.Theme core adjustments

Improvements for Car rental system

.On booking process, if maximum amount available of an extra is 1, it will be displayed as a checkbox instead of quantity selector.

General Bug fixes

.Fancy title and counters wpbakery elements where not translatable with WPML since last version.

Bug fixes for Car rental system

.Deposit text was not visible on price table
.Booking code on thank you page was appearing at page bottom on copy button execution.
.On step 1 of booking process, locations pop-up was not being triggered if location was not selected and required, since version 3.5


.WP Car Rental Add-ons
.CRS 5.0 improvements (old users don´t need to update)


Updated on March 4th, 2019

General Improvements

.General HTML & CSS
.Stylesheet generator
.Js generator
.General performance
.Added actions for top bar login form. Normally used by captcha plugins.
.Added options to set all strings for blog
.Added option to set blog columns quantity on smaller screen size
.Added advanced options
a.Use minified files on/off
b.Async typography on/off
.Added options to set footer and widgets text line height

Improvements for Car rental system

.General HTML & CSS
.In-line form responsiveness
.Prevent word “Date” to disappear on return date after pickup date selection.
.Item features are now hidden on mobile mode and grid view, to have item price in viewport. User can expand features to see them on click.
.Added optional setting to show terms and conditions at step 4 of booking process as pop-up.
.Added click to copy to booking code at thank you page.
.Improved cart functionality, used on multi item rental.

Improvements for Wp Car Rental Calendar

.Added manufacturer filter and made filters combinable.
.Open booking info will now auto close others before opening.

General Bug fixes

.Top bar language selector was not clickable on dropdown mode.
.Typography italic style was not working
.Homepage form slider images where not showing properly in some IOS devices.
.Visual composer colors where not applied to Fancy title element
.Bottom bar logo paddings where not working, and changed for margin, to not reduce image size.

Bug fixes for Car rental system

.Coupon code was not clickable on mobile using in-line or regular form
.Payment method where not clickable on mobile mode
.Cart icons where not showing properly (only used with “Select multiple cars” enabled)


.WP Car Rental Add-ons
.WP Car Rental Calendar
.Visual composer to latest version (5.7)


Updated on February 4th, 2019

General Improvements

.Added optional box shadow for buttons and CRS headers.
.Added option to change, “Related posts“, “Other cars” and “Other locations” text.
.Added new style options for footer widgets.
.General CSS and HTML improvements.
.Added new option to set blog columns.
.Added new options to set if show, categories, date and author independently.

Improvements for Car rental system

.Improved customer fields style and responsiveness of booking process.
.Added new style option for booking summary of booking process.
.Improved items list and search results filters to be combinable and a new option to set the “no results” text.
.Added new options to visual composer to set body type or single item for cars list and cars price table shortcodes.
.Moved most of the inline javascript from booking process steps to a enqueued minified file.
.General CSS and HTML improvements.

General Bug fixes

.Bug on real data counters.
.Visual composer buttons colors, where not being applied correctly while using theme style.

Bug fixes for Car rental system

.Coupon code and filters were not showing in single cars and locations using inline form
.Options for extras and items where not showing at step 3 of booking process
.Responsiveness bug on Car Rental System large form
.Return pickup date was not showing correctly using inline form in certain screen sizes


.WP Car Rental Add-ons plugin
.Demo content


Updated on December 11th, 2018


.Improved primary and mobile menu.
.Option to remove timepicker (if active) on mobile devices to use its native selector interface.

Bug fixes

.Fixed bug on items description page while having less than 3 images, images where too small.
.Fixed a responsiveness bug while having several social networks on footer.


.Visual Composer to latest version (WordPress 5.0 ready).


Updated on November 26th, 2018


.Added optinal pagination to blog
.Added option to center the main menu
.Added daily and total price on booking process
.Added option to add content on right side of form homepage form options
.Added option to set custom by text and link
.Added option to enqueue custom css file from theme options
.Removed color from quantity selector to use site regular buttons colors.
.Added whatsapp link to company information

Bug fixes

.Home form titles color where not working
.Fixed background color issue with floating header using homepage form template
.Fixed issue on cart for CRS multi rental
.Availability layout for CRS issue
.Mobile menu conflict with top bar when visible on mobile mode
.Fixed issue on calendar view when showing booking info, if bookings where on bottom where not totally visible.
.CSS fixes


.WP Car Rental Add-ons plugin
.WP Car Rental Calendar plugin


Updated on October 26th, 2018

Bug fixes

.Small css bug fixes.
.Fixed Bug on single car booking process since version 3.4.3.


. Added an option to set the entity between bottom bar links.
. Added the possibility to set top bar follow us text as strings used for car rental system.
. Added the possibility to switch car rental system search results and items list between list or grid. For admin the possibility to set default mode.
. Added optional timepicker for car rental system booking form.
. Improved autofocus to not auto deploy car rental system form location or date inputs filled previously.
. Fixed Car rental system bug related to Enhanced Ecommerce.


Updated on October 21th, 2018


.Improved responsiveness on step 3 of booking process.
.Improved cart feature, used for multiple items bookings.
.Added ability to add background image to the header or footer.
.Added new widget to show recent posts with thumbnail.
.Added new blog style options

Bug fixes

.Small css bug fixes
.WP Car Rental add-ons plugin: fixed bug with real data based counters. It was not possible to select the source.


.Visual composer: latest version
.WP Car Rental Add-ons plugin
.Demo content to fit new version


Updated on October 4th, 2018

Bug fixes

.Small css bug fixes
.WP Car Rental addons plugin: car rental system action page selection for visual composer element


.Visual composer: latest version
.WP Car Rental Add-ons plugin: bug fix.

Version 3.4.1

Updated on August 1st, 2018

Bug fixes

.Small css adjustments
.WP Car Rental Calendar plugin: bug fix

Version 3.4

Updated on July 30th, 2018

Bug fixes

.Color wizard: car rental form background was not properly set.
.Color wizard: text colors were not properly set.
.Go to top button: fixed position on mobile when reaching the bottom, to not interfere with bottom bar content.
.Booking steps data: fixed small css issue.
.Content Padding: removed notice while setting padding to 0.
.Car Rental Addons: bug fix.


.Footer: Improved to be able to add more than 1 widget per column.
.Menu: Add box shadow to submenu and mobile menu, and optional padding to mobile menu.
.Bottom bar: improved responsiveness.
.Theme color: Added primary color to head to be used on mobile url container


.Visual composer: latest version
.WP Car Rental Calendar plugin: added small improvements.
.WP Car Rental Add-ons plugin: added small improvements.
.Demo Content: to fit new version

Version 3.3

Released on June 24th, 2018

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  1. skugnizz (verified owner)

    Good theme I love it is the best that I try!! and very good support!! they help my a lot!

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      Thank You! We truly appreciate your comment.

  2. skugnizz (verified owner)

    Very nice theme!!!

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    The best theme ever continue the good work!!!!

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  4. tsapournias.alex (verified owner)

    The best theme for the KestutisIT plugin that ever made with absolute perfect support
    Thank you very much

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      Thank you so much!

  5. easycarrental (verified owner)

    Great easy to use solution for small rent-a-car operation. Highly customizable front page. Many different rental settings. Great support too! Do yourself a favor and get it instead of building something custom and expensive. A+

    • WP Car Rental

      Thank you so much! We are very happy to read comments like yours which helps us to keep improving.

  6. dreamrentme (verified owner)

    If you have the rent a car agency, and you want to have the best template for your business, than WP CAR RENTAL is best choose for you.

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